Terms & Conditions

1. Account Creation and Music Upload:

Users must create an account and upload music they exclusively own. Uploaded music will undergo a three-day review for ownership verification. Approval is granted only for music registered in the user’s name.

2. Sales and Transactions:

Fans purchase music via SMS using provided codes with transparent pricing. Upon purchase, users receive a message with a download link. Internet or data is required to download the file hosted. MP3.WAV’FLAC or PDF Artists receive payments for sales every six months upon request.

3. Promotional Material and Membership:

Users must use provided promotional posters displaying pricing, copyright notices, and company contact information. Membership fees are non-refundable. The company oversees promotional materials.

4. Compliance with Laws and Copyright Regulations:

Users must comply with all applicable laws, especially copyright regulations. Uploading, distributing, or selling unauthorized content is prohibited. The company reserves the right to remove infringing content and terminate accounts.

5. Contact and Support:

Clear information regarding pending transactions and support contacts will be provided. Responsive customer support will address issues or inquiries.

6. Termination and Amendments:

Violation of terms may result in account termination. The company reserves the right to amend terms and conditions.

7. Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability:

The company bears no responsibility for user actions or content. A limitation of liability clause defines the extent of the company’s responsibilities.

8. Payment Schedule:

Artists receive payments for their campaigns every six months upon request. Requests must be made within a stipulated time frame after the end of the six months. Payments are processed within a specified timeframe after validation.

9. Ownership Verification and Rights:

Users are solely responsible for ensuring content ownership and appropriate rights for distribution. Only content owned or authorized by the user for distribution is acceptable.

Gazata Music under Mpumalanga provincial music publishers will distribute content it has ownership rights or represent the client who owns the content and has a written agreement to use or service.

Additional Requirements

(a) Handset Compatibility:

Users acknowledge that service compatibility may depend on handset specifications and that network fees may apply.

(b) Data Requirement:

Accessing or downloading content may require data usage, and users are responsible for associated charges.

(c) Permissions:

The service must only be used with the explicit permission of the bill-payer (for paid services) and, if applicable, a parent or guardian.

(d) Premium Rated Service Statement:

The Premium Rated service is managed by LogicSMS, a WASPA member bound by the WASPA Code of Conduct. Customers can lodge complaints with WASPA. LogicSMS may share information with WASPA for complaint resolution. WASPA website:

(e) Content Distribution:

Upon PremiumSMS receipt, content will be distributed as per the service’s functionality.

(f) Content Ownership and Prohibited Use:

Users confirm ownership rights for content and agree not to engage in illegal conduct, create or disseminate illegal content, infringe copyright or intellectual property rights, or send spam.

Service must not be used for the following activities

1. To intentionally engage in illegal conduct:

Users must refrain from using the service for any activities that intentionally violate local, national, or international laws. This includes but is not limited to activities such as fraud, unauthorized access to systems, or any other illegal actions.

2. To knowingly create, store, or disseminate any illegal content:

The service should not be utilized for creating, storing, or sharing any content that is illegal or unlawful. This includes, but is not limited to, content involving hate speech, violence, discrimination, or any material that violates legal regulations.

3. To knowingly infringe copyright:

Users are prohibited from using the service to infringe upon copyrighted material. This means ensuring that any music uploaded or distributed through the service is done so with the proper authorization and does not violate existing copyright laws.

4. To knowingly infringe any intellectual property rights:

The service must not be used to infringe upon any intellectual property rights, which include trademarks, patents, or any other proprietary rights belonging to others. Users are responsible for ensuring that the content they upload or distribute does not violate these rights.

5. To send spam or promote the sending of spam:

Users are not allowed to use the service to send unsolicited messages or promote the sending of spam. This includes any form of mass or unauthorized messaging, advertising, or communication that is considered spam according to legal definitions.

By signing up for this service and using our service it means you have read and accepted our terms of service.

To Purchase a Product Via SMS

To purchase a product, follow these steps:

Step 1: Compose a new SMS (text message) on your phone.

Step 2: Type “GZT” followed by the specific product sub keyword.

For example: If the sub-keyword for the song you want is “PNN01,” your message should look like this: “GZT PNN01”

Step 3: Send this message to the number 47439.

Note: Each SMS sent to 47439 costs R3. Free SMS bundles do not apply to these transactions.

Step 4: After sending the SMS, you’ll receive a response message containing a download link.

Example Response Message: “Thank You For Purchasing a Song from Gazata Telecom. Click the link below to download: [https://gazatatelecom/56a0dhj]”

Step 5: Click on the link provided in the message to download your music file. You can choose between MP3, WAV, or FLAC formats for your download.

Please note that internet excess is required for the downloading of the file after u have receive a response message

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